School Uniforms

Paddington students wear uniforms, Little Lambs through Kindergarten. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Uniforms allow your child to "be a child" without the worry of possibly getting their clothes dirty;

  • Uniforms provide students with a sense of belonging and allow individual expression to be functions of personality and mentality;

  • Uniforms provide a way to dress that is appropriate for learning;

  • Uniforms eliminate fad clothing from the daily "what to wear" process;

  • On field trips, children can be easily identified;

  • Uniforms are economical and can be resold at the resale shop.


You can purchase your little ones uniforms at Tinsley's Treasures uniform shop.

Resale Shop

If your little one outgrew their uniform, worry not! 

Tinsley's Treasures has a Resale section for Paddington parents. 

The uniforms can be sold for as much as 50% of the original price, depending upon condition.

To sell in the Resale Shop, please bring them in washed or dry cleaned and pin a stamped, self addressed envelope to the uniform with the price clearly marked and your phone number written in pencil. Money will be mailed to you upon sale of the item.