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Jr Explorer Clubs

Jr. Science Club

Immerse your child in the fascinating and magical world of Science! Your Jr. Scientist will develop skills in observation, measurement, prediction, analysis and problem solving through exploring and experimenting with an array of fun, hands-on activities. We offer two completely different programs, providing the option for a two-year curriculum, with themes from Bugs and Insects to Space and Planets and Ancient Egypt!
Ages 3+     W 9-12, M-F, 12-3 p.m. 

Jr. Computer Club

Introduce your child to the technology of computers. Their interest will thrive and grow while exploring and expanding their skills through developing the fundamentals necessary to operate a computer, along with educational programs, games and ABC Mouse.
Ages 3+     T&W 12-3 p.m. 

Jr. French and Spanish Club

Bonjour and Buenos Dias! This early natural exposure to another language lays the foundation for future language success and is a gift that will last a lifetime. These classes are taught through phrases, games, counting, arts, crafts, Muzzy, Madeline and more. Celebrations, cultural stories and food tasting will also add adventure to delight your little ones.
Ages 3+     M, Thu, F 12-3 p.m. 

Jr. Art Club

We will be taking your child on a journey through the colorful world of Art. They will be introduced to the famous Artists from Monet to Picasso and will be replicating many of their masterpieces. We will also expand their knowledge of art and all its forms through pastels, oil painting, decoupage, masks, stained glass, clay modeling, pointillism and so much more!
An Art Gallery Exhibit of your child's work is held yearly.
Ages 3+     M-Thu 12-3 p.m. 

ABC ~ 123 

Level I and II
Our Academic enrichment class will encompass developmental activities in the areas of alphabet, letter sounds, reading and writing skills, mathematical reasoning, oral language, manipulatives, number sense, counting and much more!
Ages 3+     T, W 12-3 p.m. 

Music & Movement

Jiggle, wiggle, dance and sing your way into this exciting club! Your little ones will be intrigued as they learn different styles of dance, yoga, and movement. They will also be a part of our marching band, learn all about the orchestra, have fun with musical games and make musical instruments. This club is orchestrated to have fun!
Ages 3+     M, Tu, Th & F 12-3 p.m. 

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Yoga engages a child's natural boundless energy, and conveys valuable lessons in positive thinking and body-mind awareness. Our Kids' Yoga class is alive with magical journeys where children meet with animals, fly an airplane, drive a car, grow into a tree or imitate ocean waves, all in the form of dynamic yoga poses. We use music and song, silly props, games, stories, relaxation, visualization and meditation.
Ages 3+     Th & F  12-3 p.m.


*Children not registered at the school are welcome to sign up for these Clubs*

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