Academic Overview

Paddington School has an excellent academic and fine arts program that is based in part on the British school system. It is designed to inspire, stimulate, excite and challenge our children.

Our school's curriculum is designed to provide “access to the best knowledge available” and will build a solid and coherent foundation for learning during the early years when children are most receptive.

We believe in developing both the academic and the artistic sides of the child's brain and are committed to educational excellence. We also believe that our teachers can better meet the academic needs of their children if all preschool classes are divided into younger and older age groups.

Psychologists and educators have long recognized the impact of early experiences on a child's intellectual and emotional development. Now, through technological advances, neuro-scientists are proving, after extensive research, that a child's early engagement in classical music, singing, art and dance has even more significance than we previously believed, because these experiences create unique brain connections that will have a long term impact on that child's life. Please refer to our fine arts program.

Language Arts * Reading * British Phonics * Handwriting without Tears
*Social Studies * Math * Science * Geography
* French and Spanish Languages * Science Lab * Computer Lab
STEM * Fine Arts

We want to provide your child with the very best foundations and knowledge available and a love for learning that will last a lifetime!