Fine Arts Overview

Paddington School was the first in the nation to introduce classical music, ballet, dance and movement, along with classes about the orchestra, visual arts and etiquette to pre-schoolers. While other schools have copied the programs that originated at Paddington, we have always kept ourselves to a higher standard.

Neuroscientists are proving that a child’s early engagement in classical music, singing, art and dance create unique brain connections that will have a long-term impact on that child’s life. 

Our fine art classes are held each day and provide many opportunities for your little ones to discover the world of: dance, along with singing and acting in our musicals throughout the year and children's yoga. Your child's day begins with the soothing sounds of classical music which is played softly throughout the morning and a different instrument is introduced each month. Discovering the orchestra and music is held in our music room twice a week.

Etiquette... an important subject, is taught daily.

Visual Arts is where they draw, paint and replicate some of the masterpieces by Monet, Pollock and Van Gogh to name a few. Each month the children are introduced to a different artist.