Our Kindergarteners at Paddington are the seniors of our school who walk the campus with confidence. 

The curriculum is geared to a higher academic level. One of the features of our class is our students becoming wonderful authors! They are taught to compose various genres of writing, which they present to their peers.  Our grand finale is presenting a detailed book of writing to their parents at a formal British Afternoon Tea. 

The class regularly visit the STEM Lab and Kodo Kids Gardens. Using our STEM Lab, our students use a wide variety of technological materials. They identify problems, collaborate with their peers to come up with a hypothesis, devise experiments, and form conclusions making revisions where necessary. 

In our fine arts program, our students take on a huge part of our musical productions. They learn to sing, dance, and act out scenes becoming brilliant public performers. The art program consists of learning to recognize the paintings of the famous artists and how to replicate some of their masterpieces each month. They regularly visit the art room to do projects using a wide variety of mediums and techniques.   At this stage the children have become well versed in classical music and can recognize a number of instruments of the orchestra along with the sounds they make. 

The little ones look up to our Kindergarteners. It is therefore important for them to act in a respectful manner, paying attention to proper etiquette.

Uniform required. Visit Tinsley's Treasures uniform store or website.