Registration & Enrollment

Registration and enrollment at Paddington is open throughout the year for any class, space permitting. If the class is full, enter your child’s name on the wait list free of charge, or register for one of our Jr. Explorer Clubs, which puts you ahead of the wait list. 

Registration for all existing students, private wait list and new students takes place during the month of February for the upcoming school year. We waive our registration fees for students attending other area schools who wish to transfer to Paddington.


Please call the office for more information.


We encourage you to visit our school, bring your little ones with you and discover the difference this delightful setting, and this dynamic and diverse syllabus makes to your children. See how excited they are to be here in this nurturing wonderland each day!

School tours are held every Wednesday at 10:30 am or by private appointment. 

Please be sure to contact the office or leave a message to schedule a tour.


Paddington owner Nicolette Hardwicke,  has always offered many yearly scholarships to our precious little ones and this year she will continue this tradition. Scholarships do not include your supply fees nor Registration/Application Fee. If you are currently receiving a scholarship for this school year, please understand it is not automatically renewed for next year. This gives other families an opportunity to receive this valuable gift!

Scholarship registration forms are available from the office or in the hall. Please fill out, giving the reason for this special need on the back of the form and return to the box in the hall or the main office.

Registration for next year takes place in February, all parents will register as usual and pay their registration fees. We will notify all those who have been awarded a scholarship before your tuition is due.